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Отправлено: 03 Апреля, 2023 - 05:09:29
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The Chiefs selling Dee Ford is a head-scratcher.

The Chiefs which desperately require assistance from defense, traded with their young star and best pass rusher, Dee Ford, to the Niners in return for a 2020 second-round draft pick. Ford who was previously on the franchise tag, gets a substantial raise from his new team with five years of service and an estimated $87.5 million.

My love for the Chiefs is known, so I'm still able to discuss the team without prejudice. This trade doesn't make a lot of sense. You need Ford desperately. There's no edge rusher on the roster now following the news that Ford had to be traded. Justin Houston was cut. Who's going to rush the passer?

Yes, the Chiefs did get a boost at safety with Tyrann Mathieu, but he will only be able to protect the pass for so long. To date, the Chiefs haven't done much to shore up the cornerback position, but they're not equipped with an exterior pass rusher which is crucial to success in Madden NFL 23. And, with the Chiefs often winning at the close of games passing rushers are of more worth. Ford was a player that they desperately needed in the year 2019.

If you consider this deal from the Chiefs' side, I can see why they were trying to secure anything in exchange for him after watching the Giants have turned Landon Collins loose for nothing. If nobody would be willing to pay more, and Ford wasn't in their long-term plan, then get rid of Ford. I get it from an economic perspective, but not from an operational perspective.

Patrick Mahomes can't be extended at the moment, so they don't need this money. Perhaps they're looking at making changes to his Tyreek Hill contract soon and need the cash. It's almost like they could have made it work any way.
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