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Отправлено: 29 Января, 2022 - 09:01:20
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Take the CCB you'll use it instead of cheap OSRS GP an RCB everywhere but you will not rigour all over the world. I practice piety for each task. Why should I not apply discipline? (Actually, there is reason the reason is that range does not receive good prayer bonus equipment like Proselyte. Therefore, if I need prayer bonus I have to make compromises, e.g. The Sw cape is for Ava's. the Split D-tooth amulet for ranging. ...)

CCB might be worth it at Frosts If I can achieve an increase of maybe 1-2 minutes in speed per run. I'm sure it's good, but I'm just curious if Rigour is more effective. It's also the case that I get rid of bolts even while wearing Ava's Alerter (not knives, though). The additional cost/hits of chaotic would be noticable, as Ava's Alerter does nothing to decrease this cost. Still not completely sure yet but I'll choose the next item to buy once I'm at 90 Dg.

I was thinking about getting back into slayer training and am currently pondering the best equipment to buy. the gear i have now I can say with certainty that it will not assist me in the even the slightest way in my work. A helm of neitnoz and glory platesbody, torags, bgs dragon legs, boots, and regen. The idea I am thinking about is selling the bgs, and purchasing guthans, and possibly some cannon.

In addition, for missions where require to have a spot for shields, i would make use of the old armor setup , with whip, and whatever the shield would need to be. If it is helpful, the amount of cash I have, minus selling the bgs would be about 2.8mil. Please feel free to suggest changes to this.

I would recommend saving points for old school rs gold a Slayer Helmet. It's extremely useful and, with additional accessories, can be used for Maging/Ranging purposes too. I'd advise getting rid of the BGS, and buy an Ss/Whip. It's dependent on if you're working on Attack/Def or Strength. The Chaotic Rapier could be used for all 3 if you want to purchase it. It was a tool I used back when I was at a lower level.
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