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> Описание: What skills do you know about playing basketball?
Отправлено: 10 Мая, 2022 - 10:15:53
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1. Many coaches tell you that when dribbling the ball, the foot should move first and the ball should move later, but in fact, many times this is not the case. The ball should reach the ground a little earlier than the foot, so that the speed is faster.

2.Many coaches tell you that when shooting, the ball guard should be placed on the side of the ball, but in fact, if your hand is relatively small, when lifting the ball, it is easy to unconsciously squeeze the ball guard in and put it a little above the side, it will be more stable, as long as you don't use force when you throw the ball.

3.Many coaches tell you to reserve a hollow palm when shooting, but in fact, this is not forced. How to make the force comfortable is the best. Many nba 2k mt coins are waiting for you. Small hands often need the assistance of the palm.

4. Many coaches tell you that when dribbling a breakthrough, you should raise your head and look at the basket, but in fact, your eyes should not look up, but slightly lower. This angle can not only observe the players on the field, but also observe the opponent's defensive strategy. Unless you're looking for someone to pass the ball or to fool your opponent with fake moves.
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